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The Adventure Pioneers CIC want to help Schools, Youth Groups, Scouts, Guides, Businesses, exhibitions, shows, and anyone who is interested in what we can offer, be it individuals or organizations. The Adventure Pioneers are Passionate about helping people to get involved in outdoor learning, or should I say playing out, and to do this we want to help other groups, and organizations, to do just that. So if you are looking for advise, or help, in getting young people or others, no matter what age to participate in activates involving, Bushcraft, Backwoods, Pioneering, team work, and helping the environment or joust playing out then see if we can help!

There will be a small fee depending on what you want to do, but all money razed will go back into the organization, all our leaders and instructors are volunteers and receive no payment except on exceptional circumstances where we have to hire or use outside experts.

For the members who are under 18 and who will be doing things with people of their own age we do not want to discourage you from joining other youth organizations     We are not a threat, or in competition with Scouts, girl guides etc. on the contrary all we want to do is help young people get involved in all these outdoor activates. unlike other groups we do not meet every week, all we do is organize outdoor activates for our members and others, and by doing this we could benefit those groups who want their members to do these things but fined it difficult to organize them, so perhaps we could help? yes help!

For Schools in west Lancashire
for schools and youth groups pioneering

Over the years our Instructors and Leaders have helped a number of Groups, Schools and individuals, including Colleges, Businesses and Institutions, in providing outdoor learning in bushcraft, backwoods, pioneering, leadership and team work etc. If there is something you think we can help you with the please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

Our founder Alan developed a learning program specifically for the Schools OAA program divided into separate lessons; each designed to progressively help the students understand how a team works whilst enabling them to plan, use, and adopt strategies. Sessions focus on understanding the importance of interpreting and understanding team rules in order to improving performance and Identify what makes a team effective?

We will help in developing self knowledge, the need to explore, take part in group skills, the importance of taking responsibility, working with others, to respect the environment and the natural world and how you can protect it. We will help you with all these things through the skills and help of our instructors,

outdoor learning

Can we help you

Although we are a voluntary organization that promotes and delivers outside learning, team building and self reliance

 Individual Groups, Organizations, Schools, Businesses, Family's, etc. can also hire us to deliver these things and all money received goes back into the organization none of our instructors are paid

We work in North West Lancashire, including  Preston, The Fylde, Garstang, Thornton, Cleveleys, Great Eccleston, Fleetwood. and Wyre

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