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     Adventure Pioneers Northwest           outdoor activities for all.

We want to get everyone involved in doing things in the grate outdoor. Camping, Pioneering, Bushcraft and Backwoods Camping etc. we are an organization who want to  compliment and help other groups and organizations.

For the younger members who will not attend the same meeting as the older member, we do not a want to compete  with or discourage you from joining Scouts, girl guides etc. No on the contrary all we want to do is help young people to get involved in all these outdoor activates without having to attend every week at a single destination, by doing this we could benefit those groups who encourage their members to do these things but fined it difficult organist them, perhaps we could help?

Unlike other youth organizations/youth clubs, groups etc. because we do not meet each week, or have a fixed meeting place, we will produce a news letter or invitation for our embers to attend workshops, camps, gatherings, etc. at the location where its being run and they can decide themselves to attend if and when they want. As a member you will also have the opportunity to say what you want to do, and if their is enough interest we will try to organize it. If you want to become a member all you have to do is register in interest with us, there will be a minimal cost for what we are putting on, but all the money will be put back into the organization, in short the members would be in part responsible for what we do. If there are not enough members to fill a particular event then we could offer places to none members at a greater cost. We also want to encourage parents, guardian's, and grand parents to take an active part in what the young people are doing, but they will not be doing these at the same time as the older members. Also if, and when possible, we want to do things for other organizations, youth groups, scouts and schools etc. Use the contact page below to get in touch, it will not cost you anything to ask and who knows what fun you could be missing? go on do it .

backwoods bushcraft camp

The Adventure Pioneers was first started by a group of friends who all have experience working with young people in Scouting, the Princes Trust, the Duke of Edenborough Award, and experience based learning  etc, for young people aged 10 to 17 to help and encourage them to do things out doors.
The Adventure Pioneers CIC are now a voluntary, none uniformed, not for profit , Group promoting self-reliance, leadership, team work, the countryside and the community for all ages from 10 and over.
As a voluntary organization we want to provide a safe and friendly environment, where all our members yung and old can enjoy the experience of outside learning, The young members aged 10 to 17 will work together, and the older members will do things together and totally Independent of the younger members. Where possible we want family groups to do thing together, we are also willing to help, advise and instruct other groups and organizations of different ages and abilities .

bushcraft shelter

Therese nothing better than building your own shelter, laying and lighting a fire cooking a meal on it, and after sitting back and enjoying being outside among mother nature and away from all the technology, hustle and bustle of every day living. Better sill sitting back at the end of the day and watching the sun go down in front of a camp fire.

sunset at camp for schools

Adventure Pioneers Northwest
As a CIC voluntary organization we want to provide a safe and friendly environment where all members can enjoy the experience of outside learning.
To do this we will give practical instruction and help in Greenfield Camping, Bushcraft, Backwoods, including Cooking and the use of camp ovens, Shelter Building, Improvised Tools and Utensils, Camp Craft and Gadgets, Camp Safety and Layout, Fire Lighting technique's, Basic Knots and Lashings, Pioneering Team Building and leadership Skills and scenarios amongst others.

We do not have under 18s working together with over 18s unless as family groups.


We are a CIC group based in the fyled and wyre

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